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ISBI Practice Guidelines for Burncare

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19th ISBI Congress New Delhi, India - 28 November- 2 December 2018


President's Message

Rajeev B. Ahuja MS, MCh, DNB,FACS, FICS,FAMS

Dear Colleagues,
You have placed a huge responsibility on my shoulders by electing me to this highest office of theISBI President International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) for the next 2 years. I accept it with tremendous humility. While this may be a proud moment for me and India, I feel when representing the entire world burn community, the patients and professionals, I will be specially targeting my resources and energies to alleviating the suffering of burn patients, and elevating standards of care in low and middle income countries (LMICs), from where we gather a 95% incidence. At the 16th ISBI Congress, in Edinburgh, we adopted the theme 'One World, One Standard of Care' which I believe is a mission for ISBI and not a biennial Congress slogan with an expiry date! I am recommending this mission to all future Presidents of ISBI so they may add their sub themes which may lead us to our salvation, 'One World, One Standard of Care'. For my term, I sub title our mission with 'Guiding burn care in low and middle income countries'. As I envision, it will require working at two levels; improving burn education and developing guidelines for burn care in low resource settings by evidence based recommendations on cost effective interventions. The educational group set up at our Congress in Edinburgh has worked painstakingly to develop rehabilitation and nursing modules for burn care beyond the first 48 hrs. The success of this venture was foretold but the massive scuttle for registrations to the pre Congress workshop on these modules clearly vindicates the path we are pursuing. In the same vein we are assiduously working to develop guidelines for all practitioners, across boundaries, who may be challenged at any time due to lack of resources. I exhort all professionals from high income countries to join hands in this mission while continuing to develop research and innovative techniques in furthering burn care in the entire world. An erudite steering committee and a large advisory committee have been constituted to carry forward this project. Our internal time-line is to have the document ready for release during our 18th Congress at Miami in 2016. This shall be a dynamic document which will be updated every 5 years, and it will be widely disseminated either through publication in our Journal or through our website. We are also endeavoring to engage philanthropies to help us in printing hard copies for free distribution.
Each of our Past presidents has worked hard to strengthen our organization as a result of which we have grown in stature and relevance to our specialty. ISBI today is considered one of the upright, dedicated and purposeful organizations from the myriad existing in the professional world today because of their dedicated efforts. We need to partner philanthropic organizations to offer our expertise in helping them achieve their goals. Deliverance of education and training shall require huge investments in outreach programs. Through this 'message' I urge all charities in burn care to come forward and offer support to ISBI and partake responsibility in joint ventures. Let's effectively work to diminish the global burden of burns to work ourselves 'jobless'!

I look forward to seeing all of you in Miami, USA from 28th August-1st September 2016 for our 18th Congress, and then in New Delhi for our 19th Congress from 28th November-2nd December, 2018. Please feel free to write to me on with your suggestions on facilitating any of our cherished goals.