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President's Message, Richard L. Gamelli MD

ISBI PresidentTo have been chosen to lead the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) for the next 2 years is a great honor and a responsibility that I fully accept. My predecessors have worked hard to put in place fundamental changes that have strengthened our organization. The finances of the ISBI have been stabilized. The establishment of a central office and appointment of an Administrative Director has greatly streamlined our business process. The journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries, Burns, in partnership with out publisher Elsevier continues to achieve new levels of excellence. The role of the ISBI as an NGO representing burn care in all areas of the world is now clear. The recent 16th ISBI Congress in Edinburgh was a great success. The combined meetings of the British Burns Association and the ISBI resulted in a large number of attendees and an excellent scientific program. 

The evolution of the ISBI has well positioned the Society to take on new challenges and work to make the theme of the 2012 Congress "One World, One Standard of Burn Care" a reality. If we are to meet this challenge we need to engage in a multi year plan on how best to achieve these care goals based on resources, culture, and socioeconomic factors at the local level. Strengthening and building important partnerships with other organizations as well understanding the needs at the local level will be essential in achieving our goal. Critical elements of this initiative are Education, Research, Training, Public Policy, Advocacy, and Quality of Care. Quite clearly there is a significant need for care beyond the first 48 hours for all members of burn care team. Work has been ongoing in this area and how we best support these efforts collaboratively was considered at the first meeting of newly formed Educational Consortium at the 2012 Congress. Feedback from meetings held at the Congress indicates a need for more hands on training especially for nursing and rehabilitation team members. Presently work is in progress by the nursing and rehabilitation groups of the Educational Committee addressing this need. It is my intent for the ISBI to support both of these initiatives so they can have their work well along by the 2014 meeting and offer both courses as pre-congress workshops. This would give the Society a good venue to showcase these efforts as well as provide feedback from participants. This would add the element of hands on education that our membership has requested. Current endeavors with philanthropic organizations clearly indicate the need for more accurate epidemiologic data and how we measure meaningful outcomes. In early 2013 the ISBI International Data Repository will be available for all burn care facilities to begin using. 

If the ISBI is to reach these goals the action plan put in place will need to be a major focus of our commitment for years to come (by chris). The current leadership of the ISBI has acknowledged this commitment if we are to carry on President Mackie's charge of "One World, One Standard of Burn Care". The patients and their families in the end are our focus and if we work together as a worldwide burn team we can elevate level of burn care and lessen the global burden of burn injury. I look forward to seeing all of you in Sydney, Australia from 12-16 October 2014 for the 17th Congress of the ISBI. Please visit the meeting web site for all progress and updates:


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