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Awards, Prizes, Grants, and Fellowships

ISBI Education Grant

Promotion of education in all aspects of burn care and cooperation between those who are involved are among the aims of the ISBI. To this end, the ISBI has established an educational grant for burn care professionals (physicians and non-physicians) wishing to expand their knowledge and expertise by visiting burn centers and laboratories in other parts of the world. Each provider will be able to acquire new clinical skills and/or gain understanding of specialized research techniques. The application must be received by the Secretary of the ISBI on or before 1 March each year.

Click HERE for details and an application form.

Baskent University Nursing Award Criteria & Nursing Award Nomination Form

International Burn Fellowship Program

Professor Aikawa Young Investigator Prize

The Prize is to be established to promote the activities of the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) by encouraging and motivating young ISBI members from developing countries to conduct research on clinical problems and prevention of burns.

Visiting Professor Guidelines

Upon request from any qualified ISBI member or organization, the ISBI Executive Committee may sponsor a maximum of one visiting professor for a national meeting or two for a regional meeting that has been or will be endorsed by the ISBI. Requests from any individual organization are limited to a maximum of one every two years.

2018 Tanner-Vandeput- Boswick Prize

The International Burn Foundation of the United States invites nominations for the 2018 Tanner- Vandeput- Boswick Burn Prize. It will be presented at the 19th Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries held November 28- December 2nd, 2018 in New Delhi. The prize is awarded to a person or persons who have made an outstanding contribution to any aspect of burn treatment. This could be a specific achievement or could be a body of work completed over time. The recipient does not have to be a physician or a member of the International Society for Burn Injuries but must be responsible for a major advancement in burn care. The application deadline is January 31, 2018. For more information and application instructions please visit the International Burn Foundation of the United States website at

Andre Zagame Outstanding Occupational/Physical Therapist Award

The Andre Zagame Outstanding Occupational/Physical Therapist Award will recognize the two individuals whose oral presentations are voted the best. All applicants will present in the same session with the same moderators
If you would like your paper to be considered for the award, please notate so on your abstract when you submit it. Also, please send your abstract to Elisabeth Greenfield, Administrative Director ISBI at so that the dedicated moderators can review your abstract prior to presentation.

Nature of the Award

The award consists of a certificate and $2500 for each recipient. The award is sponsored by Medical Z in honor of their founder, Andre Zagame and will be presented during the General Assembly.