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President's Message

Dear ISBI Members and Friends,

I am honored by the trust bestowed on me by the members of the ISBI to serve as your 2022-2024 President.  The Guadalajara congress was a great success and it was great to see many of you in person again!

We have an interesting period ahead of us.  As the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end, we have a great opportunity to meet again F2F to look into the future of burn care and define the ISBI’s role in disseminating knowledge and helping to stimulate the prevention of burn injury worldwide.

ISBI, a worldwide burn care-supporting society, is currently in the process of undergoing significant internal organizational changes and updates to better serve its membership worldwide.  In 2021, we conducted a strategic review that sought to better define our mission, vision, values, and objectives.  Additionally, the review sought to identify governance/support issues that need to be better defined.  The review was conducted by an external reviewer and focused on the ISBI Executive Leadership.  We are now preparing to reach out to our current and past members, and other burn care societies and organizations to collect additional information to help shape the future strategy of the ISBI.  We want to hear from you about “what is currently working well, what is not working well and what needs to change” within the ISBI to better serve its membership and fulfill its mission.  We will soon be contacting you for your opinion and feedback.  These organizational changes/updates will be my primary focus during my term as President of the ISBI.

One of our goals for the future is to offer small, focused meetings during the year after the congress so that ISBI will remain “active” in serving its membership.  On February 23-24, 2023, we will be hosting SCARS A-Z in Birmingham United Kingdom.  This 2-day meeting is geared toward preventing and managing scars along the care continuum.  This meeting is organized by our previous President, Dr. Moiemen and his team in Birmingham.  I hope to see many of you there to discuss this important topic.  Additionally, we are planning to have reoccurring webinars and discussion groups on important topics of burn care quarterly as we move forward and your participation in these sessions is also important.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that the 22nd Congress of the International Society will be held in Birmingham, UK on August 18-22, 2024.  The decision was made after discussing the current COVID-19 situation in China with the ISBI Chinese delegation.  We will consider China as a future host of the congress, and we would like to thank the Chinese delegation for the strong effort put forth to organize the congress in China.  Dr. Moiemen and his team in Birmingham have presented a very strong proposal to host the meeting in Birmingham and they will be ready for a great congress in 2024.  I would like to invite other ISBI members to submit proposals to host future congresses.

Another important goal of mine is to continue to improve the functionality of our website.  We hope to use the various website platforms for education, communication and collaboration among our international members.  I invite you to provide your feedback and ideas on how to improve the website as I believe it is vital that we develop a website based on our members’ preferences. 

After the Guadalajara Congress, we have received feedback on the functionality of the abstract submission platform and we are working to upgrade the overall abstract handling process. Please visit the website at to familiarize yourself with the site and help us make it a valuable tool for all members.  Please send us your feedback at

I hope to meet you F2F in Birmingham next February!

Folke Sjoberg, MD

ISBI President