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President's Message

Dear ISBI Members and Friends,

I send everyone best wishes!

The ISBI has recently conducted a very successful meeting in Birmingham, UK in February.  Over 200 delegates and exhibitors and sponsors participated in SCARS A-Z.  The multidisciplinary 2-day meeting focused on the management of scars along the care continuum (from the time of injury through scar hypertrophy).  The feedback received thus far about the format of the meeting has been very positive.  On behalf of the Society, I would like to thank all presenters, delegates, and our industry partners for the amazing exchange of knowledge from all members of the Burn Care Team.  There will be a publication of the meeting presentations in the near in the BURNS OPEN Journal of the ISBI.  The ISBI is planning to host future topic-focused meetings in the year between our congresses as part of our objective to educate and train burn care professionals around the globe.  Please let us know if you are interested in hosting such an event and give us ideas of future topics.  As we move on into 2023, we are planning to hold webinars in late spring and fall.  The topics of these webinars will soon be announced via our website and social media platforms.  The ISBI has completed the membership survey, the results of which are currently being analyzed and will become available to our members very soon.  It is my sincere honor to formally announced that the 22nd Congress of the ISBI will be held in Birmingham, United Kingdom on August 18-22, 2024.  The ISBI is currently soliciting proposals to host future congresses around the world.  If your Burn Care Team, Society, or Organization is interested in hosting a future meeting please contact us at or call us at +1 346 505-3528 for more information.  We have been working on developing partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations and other Burn Care Entities around the globe in order to maximize our reach in discriminating education and training in burn care.  We hope to announce new partnerships in the very near future. 

We invite you to visit the ISBI Website at and give us suggestions for improvements on its functionality to better serve you.  Finally, we ask you to follow us on all social media platforms.

Until we meet again, I wish you good health and prosperity!

Folke Sjoberg, MD

ISBI President