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Statement from Interburns regarding the new collaboration with ISBI

Interburns, the International Network for Training, Education and Research in Burns, aim to improve the quality of burn care in low resource and fragile settings. From a small base of committed professionals, Interburns has grown into a global network of volunteers, working at all levels and across all related disciplines. This dedicated network has been integral to the development and piloting of a ‘comprehensive integrated approach’ that has been built from the ground up in low resource settings. The approach includes operational standards for three levels of burns service, linked assessment tools, and a portfolio of tailored training programmes from basic to advanced. Joint research and policy work further support the development of burns services at national level.

We are delighted to cement this closer partnership with ISBI many of whose members have contributed significantly to our work over the years. We believe our complementary strengths can give added impetus to our aim of preventing the incidence of burns and improving the quality of burn care for patients, wherever they may be.