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Burn Care Committee

Mission Statement


To improve worldwide burn care, promoting accessibility and quality of burn facilities, while recognizing regional and local differences.




  • Disseminate and facilitate across the world the implementation of the ISBI Practice Guideline for Burn Care
  • Support the world-wide utilization of the Global Burn Registry, launched by the WHO, to collect meaningful data necessary for any local, regional or international burn prevention program
  • Promote the improvement of the quality of provided burn care worldwide, researching for and endorsing the use of specific health care quality improvement strategies.




Nadia Depetris, Italy,


Committee members


African Region

Deborah Knight, Niger                   

Oluwatoyin Olufemi, Nigeria    


Region of the Americas          

Luiz Phillipe Molina Vana, Brazil            

Mauricio Jose Lopes Pereima, Brazil           

Sarvesh Logsetty, Canada                              

James Gallagher, USA                         

Anthony Papp, Canada                        

Ariel Miranda, Mexico              

Cameron Gibson, USA                       

Alan Rogers, Canada                          


South-East Asia Region

Kuldeep Singh, India                            

Suvashis Dash, India                           


European Region

Nadeem Khawaja, UK                 
Athina Lavrentieva, Greece               

Laura Pompermaier, Sweden      


Easter Mediterranean Region

Tariq Iqbal, Pakistan                             

Amr Moghazy, Egypt                          

Habib Qasim, Afghanistan                                                    


Western Pacific Region

Dong-Chul Kim, Korea                          

Marie-Claude Pelchat, Taiwan                                                            

Goaxing Lou, China                      


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