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ISBI is soliciting applications for the Burns Journal Editor Position

ISBI is soliciting applications for the Burns Journal Editor Position

Burns Journal Editor Role & Responsibilities

The Burns Journal aims to foster the worldwide exchange of information among all engaged in preventing and treating the effects of burns. The journal focuses on clinical, scientific, and social aspects of these injuries in addition to burn prevention, epidemiology, and treatment, including verification of existing techniques and technologies as well as development of new treatment paradigms. 

We are looking to appoint a new Editorial Team to provide strategic leadership to the journal and ensure that Burns continues to be a leading journal in the field. We will eagerly consider ISBI Member applications from all geographic regions.

The Editorial Team is ultimately responsible (by a contractual arrangement) for the academic content of the journal. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Directing the overall strategy of the journal (in cooperation with the publisher and the society, as applicable).
  • Developing, wherever possible, the journal’s profile and reputation
  • Ensuring that the journal’s aims, scope, and content respond to any changes of direction in the field of study to incorporate newly emerging work.
  • Reviewing and deciding upon submitted manuscripts to ensure sustainable and timely copy flow.
  • Acting as an ambassador for the journal
  • Commissioning content and fielding submission enquiries as appropriate.
  • Being actively involved in growing and developing academic networks through conference attendance and social media networking.
  • Possessing a vision, and enthusiasm for the continuous development of the journal.

In addition to managing the peer review process to ensure the journal publishes high quality, high impact content, candidates should have:

  • a network of international contacts to help manage the peer review process, encourage submissions, appoint diverse and energetic individuals to the Editorial Board
  • collaborative skills to work closely with another editor as well as special issue Guest Editors to ensure the journal publishes quality papers.
  • technological capabilities to navigate the online submission and peer review platform.

Applicants should have >10 years’ experience in burn care, have 5 years’ experience as editorial board members of a medical journal, have independent internet access that is compatible with the Publisher’s system, and have sufficient time/support to lead the journal.

Applications are due by 31st August 2023, and should include applicant’s CV and a statement (no longer than 1 page) outlining ideas for the future development of the journal, placing it in the wider context of the research and clinical fields and its competitors.  Qualified candidates will be interviewed prior to final selection.

An annual honorarium is available.

The start date is 1st January 2024.

Burns has a managing editor to provide administrative support during the peer review process.

To apply for this position, please contact Jane Ma at


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