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World Burns Week


World Burns Week envisions a world where burns are prevented, and access to timely and effective care is equitable - regardless of location, income, gender, age or ability. 


The mission of World Burns Week is to raise awareness about burns as a global health priority; advocate for equity in burn prevention, care and survivorship; and promote international collaboration to reduce the burden of burns in low-/middle-income settings. 


World Burns Week is a global collaboration of organizations representing burn care, public health, advocacy, and survivor support. 

Are you an organization that is interested in endorsing World Burns Week? Help us make World Burns Week a reality by becoming a partner. 

Become a partner

World Burns Week is guided by a Steering Committee, who helps to shape the annual theme and key messages, ensuring that its impact resonates around the world:

Regional representation:

  • International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI), represented by Michael Serghiou
  • Asia Pacific Burn Association (APBA), represented by Prof. dr. Vinita Puri
  • Pan African Burn Society (PABS), represented by Dr. Mansour Fall
  • Federación Latinoamericana de Quemaduras (FELAQ), represented by Dr. Orlando Flores
  • Euro-Mediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters (MBC), represented by Dr. Ronan Le Floch
  • European Burns Association (EBA), represented by Dr. Mamta Shah
  • American Burn Association (ABA), represented by Lucy Rogan
  • Australian & New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA), represented by Siobhan Connolly

Survivor representation:

  • Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, represented by Amy Acton

NGO representation:

  • Interburns, represented by Lucy Kynge

Supportive role: 

  • G4 Alliance Burns Working Group: Dr. David R Schieffelers, Leslie Long, Natalie Sheneman

Together we work to unite stakeholders along the burn prevention, care and survivorship continuum, fostering understanding, partnership, and action to address burn injuries as a global health priority.


Why “World Burns Week”?

Burn injuries represent a significant global health challenge, with millions of new cases annually and a disproportionate burden on low- and middle-income countries. World Burns Week serves as an international platform to raise awareness, facilitate greater collaboration, and work together towards global equity in the burden and care continuum of burn injuries. By convening stakeholders, promoting understanding, and advocating for change, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by burns worldwide.